what are the comparisons of metal casting and iron casting

The comparison between the casting ukmetal and the casting ironcan be made in several ways. It is time consuming to bring the good comparison points for the readers but below we have put in our complete effort to bring the informative comparison details. The comparison points are as follows:

· The main process of casting is the same for both the metals and the iron. First of all, the metals are liquefied and then the hot liquid is poured into a cast of different shapes and sizes in which the liquid solidifies. The solidified metal then can be taken out from the cast and used for the purpose for which it was built.

· It is easy to find both the iron and other metals. The cost of each metal is low which is why this process is highly success.

· The difference between these two lies in the mechanical as well as physical properties of the iron with other metals. These properties cover the melting point, cooling temperature, solidifying temperature, brittleness, the texture, castability, fluidity and many other things.

· The demand of iron castings exceeds from other metal casts.

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